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revenge for sale in sl?

*** “SWEET REVENGE” *** Have you been dumpted, hurt, betrayed by SL partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends etc.? Are you considering leaving the game? STOP READ ON! Sweet Revenge is an SL company set up to help those in that situation. We have no magic wands to repair broken relationships, but we can help you to […]

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Vanishing Clubs, Coalescence, and All That Jazz

Vanishing Clubs, Coalescence, and All That Jazz: “The Blue Note is closed until further notice. The Blue Note Group has decided to pursue purchasing our own sim. Any donations towards a sim should be made to Naydee McGettigan.” At this time, it’s still unknown what exactly caused the entire club to disappear, but let this […]

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so i made the wsj, here is the place where my name appears….:)

Technology (A Special Report): Home Entertainment — Virtual Vandalism: Mischief in an online realm can be almost as annoying as the real-world thing By Don Clark 2177 words 27 November 2006 The Wall Street Journal R6 English

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Off To LindenLab for their Symposium on Governance in Virtual Worlds.

I made it to newark airport… My only hangup of course is that is did something to my back yesterday afternoon and basically haven’t slept much, but eh, that only caused me to walk up and down 34th street for 10-15 minutes wondering where the heck the penn station door was, because I’d never been […]

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