revenge for sale in sl?


Have you been dumpted, hurt, betrayed by SL partners, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends etc.? Are you considering leaving the game? STOP READ ON!

Sweet Revenge is an SL company set up to help those in that situation. We have no magic wands to repair broken relationships, but we can help you to feel well by providing a revenge service.
Why let him/her walk away laughing?
I can tell you that from bitter experience, having the last laugh does improve your feelings. See them for the scum they are! Watch as the boot is on the other foot. For once in your relationship you will be in control and feeling good.

We do NOT operate a hit squad. We soley provide a service to those who have been wronged.

Our fees are negotiable.

We also provide FREE counselling, and mediation. Or just a shoulder to cry on! Our services are available to all.


This seems to sort of indicate the double nature of second life… on one level it is all about the social interaction… on the other level it is a few thousand little egos looking for love or satisfaction of some sort. When things don’t work out, they do not always act wisely…