7 things you probably didn’t know about me

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I was tagged by my wife Random Access Mazar

1. I went to three different high schools over three years and graduated from the one where I started.

2. My earliest memory is of eating Cambell’s Oyster Stew, which my father told me was banana soup in order to get me to eat it.

3. I have a hard time matching events from my childhood with a calendar. I remember my grandfather’s funeral being when I was 5, but it was apparently when i was 7. I remember cutting my finger when i was 8, but it was closer to 11, etc. etc.

4. My right hand index finger’s fingerprint is not the one I was born with.

5. My first car was a maroon chevy chevette with a standard transmission and the rear end from an automatic which gave it slightly better acceleration, for a chevette. The shifter know fell off, so i replaced it with a t-handle knob, which was somewhat ironic. My grandfather built the car, gave it to me, and sold it for me. My second care was given to by my aunt and uncle, it was a town and country station wagon that i had for 10+ years.

6. I helped found, was nominally CTO of, and closed a company within a year during the internet boom.

7. I’ve written and sent 2 different business plans to angel and VC investors. The first one was to take COTS computing and integrate it invisibly into office furniture. The second one was to use a micropayment/tip funding structure to enable and encourage educators to share lessons, lesson plans, etc. It was an attempt to commodify professional knowledge in order to make that knowledge open and communal. Needless to say neither was funded and I have no idea where those plans are today.

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