Students expect better grades for effort

The study asked approximately 400 undergraduates aged 18 to 25 whether they agreed with these statements:

If I have explained to my professor that I am trying hard, I think he/she should give me some consideration with respect to my course grade — 66.2% agree

If I have completed most of the reading for a class, I deserve a B in that course — 40.7%

If I have attended most of the classes for a course, I deserve at least a grade of B — 34.1%

[From ‘Entitled’ students expect better grades for effort: study]


This is where you have to explain that ‘tries hard and fails’ is a real category of life. Failure isn’t just a real option, it is a really good option for many students. I think there is a real issue with ‘learning design’ if failure isn’t an option.