Congressman Mark Steven Kirk and Friends are Ignorant about Second Life (R)

Mark Kirk today joined with local parents, teachers and law enforcement to call for federal action to protect kids from child predators and registered sex offenders on “Second Life”

[From Congressman Mark Steven Kirk – 10th District of Illinois]


The headline should be Representative Mark Kirk is Ignorant and encouraging regulation based on ignorance. While he and his cronies in ignorance “Mount Prospect Mayor Irvana Wilks, Mount Prospect Police Chief John Dahlberg, Mount Prospect Officer Dirk Ollech and 10th district parents and teachers Janet Joy and Bonnie Graham of Arlington Heights” might believe that children are at risk in Second Life. They have failed to do their homework. Second Life keeps children separate from adults by providing a separate Teen Grid. This is separate from the adult grid, where people over 18 may do what people over 18 may do. The teen grid is policed and vetted by employees of Linden Labs. There is very much no chance that these children are at risk. Even a cursory investigation would have undermined the Representative’s position. I hope that he doesn’t judge other things based on ignorance of the facts.

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