Blog for Choice Day 2008

Today, on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are asking pro-choice bloggers to join us for Blog for Choice Day!

Blog for Choice Day provides us with an opportunity to raise the profile of reproductive rights in the blogosphere and the media, while celebrating Roe’s 35th anniversary. Plus, it’s a great way to let your readers and the mainstream media know that a woman’s right to choose is a core progressive value that must be protected.

[From Blog for Choice Day 2008]


For me, women have a right to their bodies, have a right to make decisions about their own lives, what people should know, and what communities have involvement in. The Right to Choose, and it is a right, is a right to one’s own body, the right to religious freedom, the right to privacy. It is a fundamental and basic liberty, and a basic construction of equality of the sexes. Without the right to choose, we are basically making women into a different class of people, a class divided on gender and reproduction and a class that is subservient to the master that is the state/husband acting in the interests of the unborn which until born in my view, has no rights outside the rights the bearer gives it. The movement to take away and/or subvert the rights and equalities of women through the operationalization and politicization of the rights of the ‘not alive’ to me is clearly wrong for a liberal society.