The Philips Machine « Organizations and Markets

The Philips Machine « Organizations and Markets:
I was strolling through the section on computing when — quite unexpectedly, because I had no idea it was on display at the museum — I noticed the famous Philips Machine (here is a pic), essentially a hydro-mechanical analogue computer designed to exhibit the functioning of the economy from the point of a very crude Keynesian perspective. The Machine was constructed by Bill Philips, of Philips curve fame, and was the reason why 1950s macro is sometimes referred to as “hydraulic Keynesianism” (a term that was coined by the brilliant, but now forgotten Alan Coddington).

The philips machine was a hydraulic analog computer, unlike other analog computers (which i was just reading about in the start of the Processing book) usually were electronic. The use of fluid as an analogue for economic processes is fascinating. It reminded me of the device in the recent Terry Pratchett book. So I thought I’d share the link