San Diego Metro News | — Mom defends reaction to Iraqi passengers

San Diego Metro News | — Mom defends reaction to Iraqi passengers:
“I’m very sorry, but I’d do anything to protect my kids,” she said. “If people want to put me down, that’s their right.”

and she would be racist, and afraid racist, but anyone who fears someone because of the color of their skin, their cultural habits and claims she is afraid for her children is just plain wrong. we saw this in the u.s. in the early 20th century, some people feared blacks, some feared enough to hate and kill people. it was xenophobic and racist then, it is now. this woman, who cares for her children, obviously did not for one instant think about the children of the men she was harassing, their families, their friends. she needs to remember first and foremost that they are like us. That people react as different when treated different, and the best thing we can do is be kind, friendly, and open as a culture. her actions may have, through their presentation of americans as fearful and hateful, caused the death of someone she cares for in the future, because her story will be told, and people may react poorly too it…