Caliburn Susanto – SANCTUARY!

Caliburn Susanto – SANCTUARY!:
This function is not a boon, it is a source of derision. A mistake. Voice has always been available OUTSIDE of Second Life for use by whoever needs it for education, entertainment, or business. Adding it to the SL Client is NOT necessary and not good. Second Life will now be divided between those who will only communicate via voice chat and those who prefer the charm that is inherent in, and the civility that is at least partially enforced by, the slight inconvenience of typing everything. So those of us that don’t want the degradation of our former fantasyland will leave voice communication de-activated, and therefore be left out of whatever interesting conversations might be going on because we don’t want to have to be forced to listen to the attendant garbage.


I’d add that it ruins the educational situation too… as it requires proximity to be used, and well, when the world is the classroom where you can talk to each other in im over thousands of meters, why are you standing together.. talking, looking at each other? it is like… ‘we could go outside and look at flowers…. but i’ll just sit here and draw a flower on the board’…. dumb.