The Web's Best Interface Design — Business Logs

The Web’s Best Interface Design — Business Logs:
The Web’s Best Interface Design

The amount of new web applications, features, and companies sprouting up is just astounding, and while some like to characterize “Web 2.0” design as involving lots of cliché diagonal lines and shadows it still takes a lot of skill to execute an attractive user interface. I’ve been checking out new sites and web applications for many months now and I’ve put together my list of the best interface design examples I’ve found. Some companies/sites on this list may not be as “Web 2.0” as others (and I purposely chose not to includes sites based on design or design firms) but they still deserve the same recognition.

some of these are pretty good, some could use some improvement… but… for what they are… the arguments put forth for them being best are somewhat convincing, so check them out.