The five-things-you-didn’t-know-about-me meme

The five-things-you-didn’t-know-about-me meme:
Michael tagged me with this.

1. I was a Military Policeman in the Washington D.C. National Guard, primarily because when I transferred there from Pennsylvania, I was too junior to be in the Intelligence battalion of the reserves. I joined the reserves to help pay for college when i was 17. I passed the Rights of Passage training in the 29th infantry division, in the 3/116th infantry brigade, light infantry. It is a remnant of the Stonewall Brigade. This unit is currently known as the “Bedford Boys” for their service on Omaha beach and recently returned from Afghanistan. I know my way around everything from a 9mm pistol to an m2 machine gun, was at one time or another a dragon gunner, a machine gunner, a radio man, a grenadier, and a team leader.

2. I attended 3 different High Schools in northern pennsylvania, with 3 different sets of requirements and still graduated on time… though barely. I drove a chevette that my grandfather gave me.

3. I attended American University for one semester before I attended Virginia Tech.

4. I worked as a canvasser one summer for U.S. PIRG, door to door… I was never fired, not because I outperformed other people though. In fact, I have never been fired from any job

5. I’ve been in 2 car accidents, never as the driver, but in each… I’ve broken the knuckle of my ring finger of my right hand. Everything else was bumps and bruises. I am occasionally a nervous rider in cars.

since michael tagged me, I’ll tag Shane, Clevergirl, Jason, Jean, Sarah, and Suw