Joi Ito, new chairman of Creative Commons

Joi Ito, new chairman of Creative Commons:
Here’s how my Friday night went.

Tonight, in the virtual Kula islands, Joi Ito, Lawrence Lessig, Jimmy Wales (and many others from Creative Commons), gathered in an ancient stadium to celebrate the fourth birthday of Creative Commons. On the screen behind them was a live feed from San Francisco, where analog avatars were dancing and drinking and being relayed the announcements that were happening from within the grid.

I called Kevin Smokler to see if he was en route to ; he was at another engagement, yet I let him know that if he was at the party, to wave to the camera and say hi to the metaverse from SF.

Lessig remains the CEO of CC, but had stepped down to pass the torch (a nice green glowy torch) to Joi. Joi was in Tokyo, Larry was in Portugal, people were from all over the world.


Congratulations to Joi and all, I was tired and went to bed of course, but i helped setthis us in the main kula land