Prokofy Neva banned from the Linden Blog

Prokofy Neva banned from the Linden Blog:
Prokofy Neva, certainly one of Second Life’s most outspoken and energetic critics of Linden Lab and it’s policies was banned today from the official Linden Blog, apparently for his comments in this thread. He received an IM from Torley Linden informing him of the ban, apparently for ‘trolling’.

My position is that Prokofy should be banned from the world for using too much of LL time and resources. She has the right to her opinions and the right to voice them. She does not have as she seems to claim the right to response. That she demands response, and frequently garners it, eats time and effort that is better spent elsewhere. Just set the precendent, ban her for overuse and abuse of ll resources. At this point in the game, having talked to her many times, i cannot see him as anything other than a griefer by other means. She doesn’t shoot bullets, she shoots arguments, but the arguments are all centered on her vision and interests… claimedly based on ‘research’, but in the end… she’s just griefing.