sxip reduces whobar

Whobar identity 2.0 technology now available as open source:
Sxip is pleased to release the Whobar code to the community.

Whobar makes it easy for users to register and login to a website using their choice of emerging identity protocols such as InfoCard, i-names, and OpenID. It enables developers to easily add support of all these emerging Identity 2.0 technologies to their site. The benefits of this for users is a common website login experience. For web developers, to streamline their user registration and login process so that they don’t need to store user passwords, nor users needing to remember yet another password, thereby improving site conversion ratios. Future releases will also allow users if they so choose, release data about themselves with a single click.

this is an identity 2.0 system… i’m not really sure it is a good thing, or the fuss over identity is even worth the effort. it seems to me that no matter what we eventually do, identity will come down, in the u.s. at least, to dealings with financial institutions or medical institutions as governance institutions.