Shame and Horror

Shame and Horror:

First option, block this horror — filibuster if needed — and risk paying a political price: For a taste of the ‘vote for us or die’ campaign that’s in the works, see this utterly repulsive ad already being run by Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT). And recall that Johnson is supposedly one of the nicer Republicans (and a new friend of Sen. Lieberman’s).

Second option, do the usual infective stuff and pay a different political price (the base will turn on you, as will anyone else with some decency). Plus earn a black spot in history.
that is a horribly misleading ad, i’m sure we will see worse… i think it should be countered with one that goes like this… ‘nanna is calling her grandson fighting in afganistan, she tells him about some of her new medicines with opiates in them and giving one to her husband, the fbi are at her door…, the call was intercepted, the law was broken…. should there have been a warrant? nancy johnson says no.

i am also ashamed that any senator or congressman would support a pro-torture stance. i think someone should really explain to them about the reality of torture and how, if the enemy knows we torture, they fight harder, more viciously and with less respect for us as human beings.