Making Light: Terrorists

Making Light: Terrorists:
he says “I am not saying that the politicians and press are terrorists”. Bruce may not be saying that, but I am.

I have to agree, and I think it is morally wrong for our own president and political parties to encourage their populace to be afraid of each other and the rest of the world. They should be trying to build a trust in the people of the world, trying not to cause blood enemies in other countries, etc.

one thing that we have to realize is that all humans in all states of the world are equal in their moral worth. citizens gain extra worth to the state, but that is not extra ‘moral’ worth. once everyone starts to realize that ‘People are not different, not monsters, and they are thinking, caring, human beings that are trying to make a better world’ If we can get people to stop thinking ‘better world for me and my friends (or others sharing similar transcendental beliefs’ and start thinking ‘better world for everyone, here, now and immanently’, then we’ve made progress.