Nuclear war starting in 10 days? – Pravda.Ru

Nuclear war starting in 10 days? – Pravda.Ru:
Political Scientist’s Opinion

Alexander Prohanov, the main editor of ‘Zavtra’ Newspaper:’Apocalypse Tomorrow’

– The pulling of the trigger leading to the tragic chain of events has been done. Syria and Iran will be pulled into the war right after Lebanon. Israeli and American attacks on Iran will lead to the interruption of oil exports into Europe and China. Their economies will suffer. In the conclusion there will be chaos all across Asia.

The detonation device for the new apocalypse has been set off by Americans, obviously. They believe that they have the power and the authority to regulate the world’s chaos. But the U.S. cannot even gain control over its own minor chaos in Latin America. Let us only hope that Russia will remain neutral throughout this universal nightmare.

yep, we aimed the gun and pull the trigger and looked the other way.