Dehydration a worry for some travelers – Yahoo! News

Dehydration a worry for some travelers – Yahoo! News:
The U.S. Transportation Security Administration is allowing passengers to carry on essential nonprescription medicines, such as insulin, as well as baby formula and breast milk for infants. But Ensure is not permitted, said Christopher White, a

TSA spokesman.
“While we understand these restrictions may cause inconveniences for some passengers, it is important to aviation security that we limit the exceptions,” he said.


let me be very clear…. these restrictions are complete and utter bullshit. they are reactionary and have no real basis to add to the security of a flight. if there is concern that a few people were going to mix liquids to make an explosive or other device, and you arrested those people, then restricting people after the fact, will not make things more secure. the capacity for a person bent on creating an explosion in an airplane is diminished slightly, true, but it is not alleviated through this measure. in the end, the tsa is just being silly if they think this does anything other than inconvenience and endanger passenger far beyond the initial threat, especially from a utilitarian perspective.