bar hopping… not really

tonight i went scouting for a cellar replacement. I may have found one, we’ll see, but they have no food, so bleh. First i walked down broadway scouting things for a bit. then, i decided let’s try closest to home in astoria and hit the NUA club/bar at the base of my street. It was interesting. i busted my finger on the seat, but past that they had a good international beer selection, no great beers thought. They are seemingly a punk bar, that’s the music and hair styles, and have some pool tables and other entertainments… It was all good, but not really my friday relaxifying mode. The i went to doyles corner pub which was more of the relaxifying mode, but it was purely irish, i heard many a brogue, none seemingly affected, so that is a plus, but they don’t have a broad beer selection and had a share of power drinkers, though it is a cool joint, and it might be great for watching the odd football game. They ordered out for fries and chicken from the chinese place across the street as a snack for the crowd. All in all the second was more of my bar type experience, but not… quite for me all the time.