Pirate Squirrel Poem.

Pirate Squirrel Poem.:

by skwerly scouts club
O pirate skwerl, o pirate skwerl,
Trying to take the great black pearl.
Musket fire all around,dead skwerls on the ground.
The pirate skwerls will fight for rum, rum, the lovely rum.
Pirate skwerl Prizm, will take a stand against the demon skwerl band.
Shooting left and right,the demon skwerls will stand to fight.
Prizm falls, Prizm dies, never again to see the blue sky.
Now the demon skwerls are using hooks,
Launching themselves to every nook.
Now the pirate skwerls send out their best,
Putting Chipper the Ripper to the test.
Chipper, slaying left and right, the demon skwerls have lost this fight.
Now the pirate skwerls break out the rum, WHOOZA,WHOOZA!
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aieeee, the squirrels are coming…..