slower, softer

slower, softer:

Old things are as interesting as new ones.

The speed and spectacular novelty of a particular innovation should never be a measure of its value or the basis of its justification. (But I get why they are).

We* need time to explore slow and ethical innovation.

We need more space for quiet voices, more room for thoughtfulness and more recognition of the value of boredom.

We have a lot to learn from the practices of late adopters, as well as those of the thoughtful, the sceptical, and the reluctant. We should watch them. We should listen.


Jean hits something on the head that is central to some of my work. Not the boredom aspect per se, though as many in my polisci grad program will recall, i do own a book entitle boredom, that has a black cover with golden/white letters that i used to pretend to read…. no, it is more about the critical spaces found in slowness, and the opportunity, oft passed over, for deep thought found in slowness.