What to do about the NCLB, or the No Child Left Behind fiction as law.

20 Reasons, 1 Cause:

10 Action Strategies for Eliminating NCLB
Hold a public forum in your community to explore and explain these points.
Organize community and neighborhood potluck dinners with teachers and parents to talk together about how NCLB is affecting children and school.
Persuade your organizations to pass resolutions calling for the repeal of NCLB based on these points.
Collect signatures on a Petition to Eliminate NCLB based on these 20 points. Publicize your results in the local media and send copies of resolutions and petitions to your local and federal elected officials.
Write letters-to-the-editor and op-ed pieces for your local and regional newspapers, making these points.
Get your local school board to pass a resolution or hold a community forum about eliminating NCLB.
Contact your U.S. senators and representatives about eliminating NCLB: Call them, write or email them (send these points and other information), and set up meetings with them in your district (bring a group of children).
Contact your state legislators to enlist them in the effort to eliminate NCLB; get state legislatures to pass resolutions.
Parents: Join the NCLB-mandated Parents Advisory Board at your child’s school. Bring the 20 Reasons to Eliminate NCLB to begin a dialogue.
Organize a public protest or march on test days or days given over to test preparation.


NCLB is emblematic of the current administration it tries to fix something by making it worse. It doesn’t encourage learning or critical reasoning, it encourages rote memorization and teach to the test. Something has to be done. Here are some sugestions