USA Today tastes tests popular coffees

USA Today tastes tests popular coffees:

Out of possible scores of “5 slurps,” Starbucks ranked at 4 1/2, while McDonald’s followed with 3 1/2 , Burger King with 2 1/2 and Dunkin Donuts and 7-11 with 2 slurps each. While Starbucks was also the most expensive drink in the test, the “dead-serious brew with an intense bitter chocolate aroma, a silky texture and a complex, fruity, almost wine-like flavor” made it worth it to the tasters.


coffee is not supposed to be bitter. starbucks has habituated people to expect bitter coffee because it mixes so much sugar in their coffee drinks that you need bitter to offset the sugar. now people just expect the bitter without the sugar…. iewww. bitter comes from poorly, usually over, roasted and stale beans. good coffeeshops everywhere will sell you coffee the way it is supposed to taste… instead of how the starbuck’s paradigm has lead you to think expensive coffee should taste. expense in this case, is not a sign of goodness.

ok, that is my anti-starbucks coffee rant.