Did Sam's Club Go Too Far?

Did Sam’s Club Go Too Far?:

A Pittsburgh man was shopping at a Sam’s Club store in Monroeville, Pennsylvania when store security stopped him. He was told that they had been
watching him and had video tape on his activities at two other Sam’s Club stores as well as information on his buying habits. He was not allowed to
purchase the items that he had in his cart, his Sam’s Club membership card was confiscated and he was told to never set foot in any Sam’s Club or
Walmart again or else he would be prosecuted. When a reporter contacted the corporate offices of Sam’s Club to inquire about the incident, he was
told that there had been a mistake. An apology was given to the man and he was told that there would be an investigation.


your book buying cards and supermarket discount clubs have no importance to your identity at all… right. Riiiiigggggghhhhhhhtttttttt. This is the sort of thing that you get when you sign away your identity for analysis, read your contracts.