Critical Information Studies: Everybody's doin' it

Critical Information Studies: Everybody's doin' it:

Some interesting reactions around the blogosphere to my Critical Information Studies paper over the past few days. Most of it seems to be to Cory’s summary over at Boing Boing rather than to the paper itself. Such are blogs. Sigh.

One consistent theme is “we are already doing all that over here in my discipline.” Insert discipline. Yes. That is my point exactly. Everyone is thinking about this stuff. But what is cool and unique about CIS is that EVERYONE IS THINKING ABOUT IT! Computer scientists and anthropologists and poets are all concerned about DRM and TRIPS! Isn’t that something very cool?


I had posted a nice bit of text exemplifying the philosophical history of the critique of information systems taking the critical element back through about 4 periods as a comment to this article….. it disappeared probably spam catcher of some sort. suxxors. in any case, yeah, critical information studies. it isn’t new, but it is interesting.