The Australian: Muzzling of science [ 08mar06 ]

The Australian: Muzzling of science [ 08mar06 ]:

The censorship against which more and more leading Australian scientists are speaking out is both overt and covert. It exists in managerial directives not to communicate, to comment or otherwise share information and scientific conclusions with the public. It exists in the reprimand, the bullying, the sidelining, the punishment and the actual dismissal of those who dare to transgress. This is not supposition; it is on the public record.

But it also exists in self-censorship. Step out of line and your paper won’t be published, you won’t get the next grant, you’ll be passed over for promotion, you’ll be made redundant. Nothing is ever said, just a veiled threat and the rest left to the victim’s imagination. And in science it’s hard to find another job that isn’t in a taxi.


another great tragedy proceeding as normal….