Write-on Poly Sheets

Write-on Poly Sheets:
Polysheet instant whiteboards are thick, static-laden sheets of plastic, like ultra-heavy garbage bags. Just unroll one, slap it on the wall, and instant whiteboard! Best of all, in the corporate world, at the end of the meeting, you can roll them up, take them back to your desk, and process them. After capturing the contents in your computer, wipe them off for next time!
— S.A.
These cling to walls, to each other and most dry surfaces by static electricity. They come in very handy since you can pretty much place them anywhere you want. Put many of them against the wall and you have an instant whiteboard of any size. Dry erase markers wipe off fairly easily. Their 27 x 34 inch pad fits standard flip chart easels or conference cabinets. Rolls up for travel and storage. Perforated sheets tear off cleanly.
— Philip Papadopoulos
[For more ways to do whiteboards, see the previously reviewed Marker Board Walls and Quartet Easel. KK]
Write-on Poly Static Cling Sheets
$26 for 35 sheets
Available from Instawares
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This is perfect for so many things.