Buildings In About 12 Hours

Buildings In About 12 Hours:
sack_buildings.jpgBringing me back to the days when I used to play C&C: Red Alert, a few engineers in London have devised a way to quickly erect cement structures in the field. The “building in a bag” is essentially “a sack of cement-impregnated fabric” that, with a little air and water, inflates into a Nissen-shaped structure that dries and is ready for use in twelve hours. Meant to act as a stronger solution than a tent while remaining at least relatively portable, a 500-pound sack will inflate to form a structure with 172 square feet of floor space. At only $2,100, “the volume of the sack controls the water-to-cement ratio,” so you don’t need to fuss with hard-to-read measuring cups while trying to build a new mess hall. Wired has the full story and a diagram of the building process.
Need a Building? Just Add Water [Wired]

This is cool.