The End User: What came before blogs

The End User: What came before blogs
Usenet newsgroups, recognizable by their unique naming system, like or comp.sys.hp.misc, came to life on the Internet around 1979 as semipermanent bulletin boards. You could post a question to alt.animals.dogs.collies, and answers from fellow collie devotees from around the world would be available for anyone to read.
If that sounds familiar, you’re right: It is essentially how today’s Internet blogs work. But advances in software make blogs easier to create, design, customize, navigate and control. Since newsgroups predated even the World Wide Web, they are design-free – simple text entries, one after the other, sometimes “threaded” into back-and-forth postings.


well… i personally wouldn’t say usenet is a predecessor to blogs, but it is an argument that could be made….