UNESCO conference on freedom of speech in cyberspace

UNESCO conference on freedom of ….:
UNESCO conference on freedom of.

I really have to go to this UNESCO conference on Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace which will be held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris, on 3-4 February.

At least to embarrass the Iranian delegation which will be arrogant enough to take part in such conference, even with its horrible record of freedom of speech in Cyberspace, and also to inform the UN and its members about the vast and heavy Net censorship in Iran. (I’m even prepared to do this trip on my own expense, if no other funding can I find.)

Since my Canadian citizenship is still in the process, I have to use my invaluable Iranian passport — again — and to apply for a Type C Scheme Visa. But I worry issuing the VIsa takes longer than February 2nd and I miss the whole thing.

So does anyone know someone who might be of help, especially in the French councilor in Toronto or in the Embassy in Ottawa?

[Editor: Myself (English)]

this seems like it could be interesting… of course the problem is that because of the means of access to cyberspace, namely implicit or explicit contract, and that usually in those contracts there are limits to the freedom, because you can contract away your ‘freedom of expression and/or speech”.