Engineers on TLDs

Engineers on TLDs: “

Engineers on TLDs: Do You Want Me With Fries? on CircleID by Vittorio Bertola:

This is why engineering solutions are not carved in stone, and young engineers have always been eating up old engineers since gave engineering to the world. That’s not because the old solutions were better than the new ones, or the opposite, but because new needs and new expectations arose among the users of the technology.

One word: Lovely!

I was one of the 30-something engineers who ‘ask’ for (IDN) TLD.

While I can sense some consensus on stage and off-stage of the need of IDN TLDs, the response I get from 60-something engineers (whose status is close to been ‘God’ right now) revolves around trying to get things 100% right before proceeding.

Don’t get me wrong: I have great respects for elderly engineers who has contributed so much to make Internet what is today – and I always value their wisdoms and advises. But seeking perfect solution is no difference then say ‘no’ – at least to the one making the request.

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(Via James Seng’s Blog.)


it might also be that 60 year old engineers are embedded in institutions and with that they take a representational role of their understanding of those institution’s interests…. if you make money off of fewer tld’s and your friends make money off fewer…. you might, subconsciously, make more stringent ‘engineering decisions’ than you would otherwise. this is a form of sub-political governance.