Eprints 2.3.7 released

Eprints 2.3.7 released: “Eprints, the open-source software for open-access, OAI-compliant archives, has released version 2.3.7. The new version makes better use of style sheets (see the demo) and adds an XSLT style sheet to make the OAI interface human-readable through a browser (see the example). More from today’s announcement: ‘This release adds the option to make required file formats depend on the type of eprint, rather than have one setting for the entire archive. This means that in one archive an eprint about a book may not require any formats at all, one about a presentation may require powerpoint, and a normal article require PDF. Version 2.3.0 to 2.3.6 of EPrints required the ‘libapreq’ library, this library proved difficult for some users to install, so in response to our users comments, from 2.3.7 is no longer used.'”

(Via Open Access News.)


great news!