Maybe I've Been Asleep for a While…

Maybe I’ve Been Asleep for a While…: “

…but when did Amazon start tracking blogs? It’s weird to see a screenshot of my old template, but it’s also interesting to see their ‘recommendations,’ i.e., people who visit my website might also enjoy Liz Lawley, Unfogged, Culture Cat, and Arts and Letters Daily. At least I’m in good company.

(Via the chutry experiment.)


amazon bought alexa alexa archived the internet, the archive they made became, the company and tools went to amazon, so, amazon has had, other than a9, a search engine, site analysis and traffic analysis tools. internet history this is… coming back to remind us. amazon has integrated tools into their site. neat, but not new. not even new that they do blogs, because they do tons of stuff, if you have a unique url, you are probably in