Not surprising to most of my readers

Not surprising to most of my readers: ”

Interesting entry over atThe Well-Timed Period: the risk of death to men taking Viagra is 6/100,000.

Do y’all remember the young woman, Holly Patterson, who died last year after (from?) taking RU-486? There’s been a few recent stories about moves to ban, or at least ‘clearly’ label RU-486 as potentially fatal. Interestingly, I did a little googling to find out what the expected death rate for RU-486 was. With the exception of Women’s e-news Daily and a short story by some local tv station somewhere, the google hits on the story all seem to be by conservative or religious publications (check it out). Moreover, not even the article on Patterson in Women’s e-News Daily cites the expected fatality rate of RU-486, though I was able to find it in a separate article by that publication that mentions Patterson in passing.

Guess what the expected mortality rate from RU-486 is?


Twelve times less fatal than Viagra.

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it is not surprising to us, but it would likely be surprising to the buggers on capital hill…. If they want to label ru-486 then they darn well better label everything with a mortality rate worse than it.