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i’m no fan of derrida, never have been. But here is my issue, Leiter says that Derrida strikes out in American philosophy, etc.(traditional analytic philosophy) This might be true, but from my perspective…. most of what passes for philosophy from leiter’s geographically defined schools generally should not be considered philosophy, but methodology and its application to a set of historically defined philosophical problems(which to me is not philosophy, but yet one more instance of academics making the means to knowledge the ends of knowledge). Now, Derrida is no better in proposing a methodology, but at least he tried to do something interesting and he opened up for some people a way of thinking, and that encouraged their pursuit and love of wisdom. Most current philosophy, go read a highly respected philosophy journal as evidence, does not encourage people to to think, or to love wisdom and learning, contrarily it establishes a territory and viciously defends borders against interlopers….. as all disciplines do…. nothing new there….