Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:24:25 GMT

Another convert to KoL. Following reports from The Ludologist and the women_dev listserv, I tried out the online Kingdom of Loathing earlier this week. The game is a masterpiece. I especially like the humor, the simplicity, and the fact that the game itself limits you in regards to playtime– you are given 40 'adventures' each day to use as you want, but when they're up, you're done. Well, not really. If you eat food or drink alcohol, you can gain more adventures. But so far I've only gained a few from doing so, encouraging me to log out and get back to work…. [MemoryCard]


it is a great game…. especially if you get into the culture of it. it is much broader than it seems to be at first glance…. the metagaming is a game in itself.