Tue, 07 Sep 2004 18:47:44 GMT

Dreamhost is Having a Sale. Overall I’m pretty happy with my hosting company, Dreamhost. Tech support is very friendly, and responds to most requests within the promised 24 hours. I’ve asked for a ton of Perl modules and they have installed them all, globally, within a day and without demur—except for one, and they gave me good reasons why they didn’t want to do that, plus gave me something of a hint how to install it locally. Uptime is not 100%, but it has improved a lot from ten months ago, to the point where downtime is increasingly rare and increasingly brief. (Oh, I hope I’m not jinxing anything by saying that.) Server response is fast sometimes, and decent, but not spectacular, at peak hours. But then I’m not paying for a dedicated server. Instead I’m paying $20/month and sharing my machine with a lot of people. I would not recommend cheap, shared hosting at Dreamhost for a mission-critical application, but it’s a very good deal for a blog. Their cheapest deal is less than $10/month if you only run one domain; I had to spring for $20 because I run several. Hosting a number of different domains off one account is where Dreamhost excels:… [Discourse.net]


i use dreamhost, and specifically the codemonster plan.