Wed, 30 Jun 2004 23:02:12 GMT

News UPdate. Yes, I broke wordpress again, or it was still broken. Jeremy helped me work through the logic to find the missing file(s). Now just have to fix something else… but I'm keeping away from rampant computer use and doing other useful things. Like starting to work again on the Medieveal Latin British vampire stories. I did two papers on these fragments in the works of Walter Map and William of Newburgh last year, and have done nothing since, but now Quinn Yarbro is co-editing an anthology of old and obscure vampire stories with college level articles, and I'm submitting the map/newburgh stuff. One of my two major summer projects. The other will be on blogs and hacking with KAT! I hope.

In the mean time, thanks go out to Rochelle for giving me a gmail account… [Team Polysynchronous – Just Differently Intelligent – – Just Differently Intelligent –]


mumbles something about fixing it friday, where is that rm-f command anyway…. no, if asked, i'll fixors it, as per my contract with the world, some sort of permanent penance for portending to be a realist in a former life i think.