Sun, 28 Mar 2004 16:49:24 GMT

60 Minutes Exposes Halliburton's Fake Subsidiary In The Caymans. This is from the January 25, 2003 program of 60 Minutes. This piece is riveting from beginning to end. Don't miss a second of it. I've made the files available as a single download or in three smaller parts. Doing Business With The Enemy (60 Minutes – January 25, 2004) Leslie Stahl is my new hero. She's been taking her responsibility of reporting for one of the best rated news programs in the United States very seriously by going out of her way to fill us in on things we need to know about what the Shrub Administration and its… [On Lisa Rein's Radar]


this is classic investigative reporting, and it needs to be done…. too bad so few american's will really care that their vice president's friends are in bed with the enemy and always have been. they haven't cared when they showed the president's connection to the house of saud and their terrorist relations…