against cars?

yes, cars are contrary to having a good campus climate. everyone knows it, no one wants to admit it. just think about what they mean to most people personally and culturally and you'll see why.

here are my commonly suggested ideas to discourage car use when possible:

  • parking fees that scale significantly higher when you live within reasonable walking distance to class, live on campus, want to have a car? that will be $500/m live within a 1/4 mile circle of campus, 400/m, 1/2 mile 200/m etc. waivers will apply for certain conditions of course.
  • close all main campus roads to all vehicles other than visitors, service vehicles and public transportation between 8am and 5pm, and ticket heavily.
  • remove parking from areas where people can walk from a major parking lot. get rid of lots or lines that hold less than 100 cars and make them parks.
  • provide emergency transportation for people who walk to work, call xxxxx to get a quick ride home in case you forgot something. etc.