Sat, 13 Mar 2004 19:15:39 GMT

Habeas Corpus.

The first Republican president suspended the writ of habeas corpus. According to Silvergate and Takei (thanks, Gillmor! ) the current Republican administration seeks to suspend it forever by making it irrelevant and unenforceable. A commenter on Gillmor's blog writes that

“This issue and others like it is why I am responding from my newly purchased home in Vancouver, BC. With any luck I'll be able to stay here on a permanent basis, although I'd rather not have to request political asylum.”

Update: Larry asks, correctly, what I was thinking to have spelt this habeus. Second conjugation, subjunctive: habeam habeas habeat habeamus habeatis habeant. I should know better. Sorry, Mrs. Ravid!

[Mark Bernstein]