Wed, 11 Feb 2004 00:09:44 GMT

Preserving Internet Freedom: Guiding
Principles For The Industry
by Michael Powell, FCC Chairman.

Powell challenges the industry to maintain Internet freedoms for users,

  1. Freedom to access legal content;
  2. Freedom to run any application
    that won't harm the network;

  3. Freedom to attach any device that does not
    abet crime; and

  4. Freedom to obtain meaningful information about service

Powell to Cable: Protect Internet Freedom
, by Ted Hearn, Multichannel

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Powell to Cable: Protect Internet Freedom
[A blog doesn't need a clever name]

  1. freedom to have people watch you access content
  2. freedom to have all your applications registered in one big database
  3. freedom to have all of your devices surveilled
  4. freedom to buy some things

      oh man, i'm in heaven, i'm so free.