Sun, 08 Feb 2004 15:52:42 GMT

Tuition Protests.

“Like many grade 12 students, Jaya Ceeley wants to go to university. But every year costs are becoming more of a consideration. To afford university, Ceeley will have to work part-time through his final semester of high school.”(Martlet | Big ol' rally for lower tuition by Patrick White)

(Pulse Flow | B.C. students rally against tuition hikes Published: Fri-6-Feb-2004 By Stephen Hui, British Columbia Bureau.)

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“Hundreds of Okanagan University College students rallied Wednesday to protest skyrocketing tuition fees. Students hit the bricks in Kelowna and Penticton as part of a national day of action.”(CHBC News | Tuition fee protests | Web Posted February 4, 2004)

“Student protests at Berlin universities are continuing. Students at the city[base ']s Technological University (TU) went out on strike four weeks ago and two other Berlin universities, Humboldt University and Free University, have since joined the protest against budgetary and education cuts being pushed through by the Berlin Senate. “(WSWS : News & Analysis : Europe : Germany | Student protests at Berlin universities By Andreas Reiss and Marius Heuser | 5 December 2003)

:: note :: . . . too many students denied further education due to $ . . . too many students complacently accept this situation . . . too many of us pay lip service to a educated culture and refuse to support even the idea of education . . . wish students from all over would activate & mobilize . . . ['if' ..]