Thu, 08 Jan 2004 12:27:18 GMT

Turn OFF The TV.

Turn OFF The TV

I'm starting a new campaign. It's about how totally UNCOOL TV is. It's more uncool than smoking. It's more uncool than drinking. It's dangerously uncool to watch TV. Turn it off.

Your brain is melting, thanks to TV. Your butt is broadening, thanks to TV. Your kids are learning how to shoot people with guns for fun, thanks to TV. It's showing you that your neighbors have more money, more soda, more fun, more sex, more retirement savings and nicer clothes than you. It's teaching you how to be miserable. It's teaching you how to be passive. Turn it off.

You want news — read a newspaper or go online.

You want weather — try the radio or you might even go outside.

You want someone to keep you company, invite someone over.

You want sex, try it with a real partner, not late night TV.

[Halley's Comment]


i think this is right on. i through out my tv on new years, it's gone. however, i'm not yet more productive, though i have to change that today, i really do, because if i don't get the things done that i need to get done, other things won't work out the way that i want them to. tv takes time, and it gives you in its place exactly what halley says, which i term cultural placebos which your mind then uses in part to create your worldview. the problem is that the tv isn't real…