Thu, 18 Dec 2003 18:03:20 GMT

A Telling Account of WSIS. Maria Farrell, who works as a lobbyist for an undisclosed international membership organization based in Paris (OECD? ICC?) writes a great account of WSIS at Crooked Timber. Below I include a sampler, but it’s worth clicking the link to get the whole thing. Other interesting WSIS links include:An interview with the head of the US delegation in which he is basically bragging that the U.S. achieved its objective of protecting the the status quo on such issues as Net governance and funding or, in the case of software, ensure that the interests of major U.S.-based suppliers — notably Microsoft Corp. — got represented.‘The Daily Summit’Archives of Virtual WSIS CS Plenary Group SpaceA grumpy Larry LessigAndy Oram’s gumpy in a different way Gee, when did we give away the Internet? (blogged previously). [Links snagged from all over, espeically Lextext]… []