Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:23:01 GMT

The fastest way to
get published
: All machine needs is a manuscript.
Churns out books while you wait.
By Ho Anderson, Toronto Star.

Prospective authors provide an InstaBook operator with a disk
containing their manuscript; then the disk is fed into a machine and a
fully bound and printed book pops out six minutes later. For $150 the
writer gets one printed proof and 10 copies of the book. Says Di
Marcantonio, “Anything you can conceive of putting into book form,
InstaBook can handle it.” Florida-based Victor Celorio, a former aspiring
writer, invented InstaBook technology, and according to the InstaBook Web
site, there are locations in the U.S., Italy and Mexico as well. [A blog doesn't need a clever name]