fixed macromedia

ok, i admit it, i use dreamweasle to maintain some sites….. i also use bbedit and pico to maintain other sites, and when you get me in a bad mood i just might run a site through a shell script or two just to mess with ya, but nonetheless, after my 10.3 upgrade i found today that nothing macroshmedia worked. i clicked, it bounced, then closed, so i checked the console, found the 'authentication service' error and googled finding the site below which told me what i needed to do and voila, it worked. so if you are having problems with macrovision from macromedia, a clearly malengineered product, then go to /Library/Preferences and get rid of the macrovision directory. then the authentification service will require a new one and everything works.

all this cause i told Charles that I would update the internet ethics site with Elizabeth's and his work.