that's a bit strange…

so I've been wanting to talk about amazon since i did the amazon ego surf yesterday to find who talked about my work in their books, two books, not bad:)

anyway now i was just looking at my what's new list and i wonder how normal mine is:

The Art of UNIX Programming

The Haraway Reader

Beyond Fear: Thinking Sensibly About Security in an Uncertain World

and then it goes on with quicksilver, which i have no intention of reading, even though I've read everything else he's put into print….. I still say Stephenson's Big U is one of his best works.

now my recommendations is actually a bit strange too, it goes: baudrillard, annamarie mol, embracing insanity which is a book on open source software, then an allan moore graphic novel 'Supreme', then crypto by steven levy, then the letters of paul valery….

all in all, i know why amazon gives me these somewhat strange lists, but i'm not sure how effective they are. for instance, i have no intention of reading most of the things in these lists. however they do provide an entryway for a bit of reflexive consideration of my relation to commoditized publishing.