cn tower dinner, close of conference, and leaving toronto

went out in toronto to the cn tower 360 restaurant for dinner, wow. i'm not really afraid of heights, as much as extremely judgemental toward experiences where the obvious connections to the ground are removed for the sake of a thrill.

There were 11 of us from aoir and we went up the elevator which has a slight vibration as it flies up the tower, air pressure on the crossbars or something, anyway my legs were rubber for a few minutes. anyway, we approached the table and there was suddenly a huge pause about who sat by the window, so i went and sat down, monica across from me, knowing that in the end, i wouldn't like the proximity of a 1500 feet drop, but would survive, so i sidled in next to the window and sat down.

i talked to monica a bit, and to niels, niels is trying to get his book on virilio published in the u.s. it sounds very interesting and i suggested a press or two that he wasn't thinking about.

on the walk over to the tower, i talked with gitte about maybe giving a talk to her mobile gaming class when i am in copenhagen. i'll be arranging my trip a bit more probably next week.

anyway, i sat next to bev, leslie's mom at dinner and had a nice conversation there once i managed to get my adrenaline under control from coping with the 500 meter drop less than a foot from my chair. for a few minutes it was 'watch jeremy use monosyllables' time but that passed and it was a wonderful dinner.

I put the cover for our book, the aoir annual vol. 1 out d on the assumption that everyone was now near fast home connections. the cover looks good.

the sunday part of the conference was fun, we had two sessions and brunch. I talked to andrew at the brunch a bit while i was breaking up conversations here and there, i also talked to sal a bit about qut and brisbane. I popped my head into the Rob Kling rememberance panel, that was nice, the paper seemed good. I also watched a bit of the trust panel and popped my head in on the guys talking about discourse of trust in open source communities. i then proceeded to wander around the common area, talking to colleagues, etc.

later i talked with matt about my trip to australia in the spring, looks like i might get to fly across to perth and cause some trouble, that'll be fun;)

now what i really have to do is knock out my dissertation, no doubt about it, and no screwing around, just plugging until it is finished. I have to hang out in Cath a bit more anyway, for various reasons, so that's what i'll do.

let's see here, after the gala dinner I went out with jenn and mia and friends, that was fun, we went to the elephant and something bar around the corner from the hotel. jakob from aarhus and ildiko from hungary(i think, apology if i mess it up ildiko). in any event we stayed until closing

currently, i'm sitting in the toronto airport at b7, i finished a bad cup of coffee, now i'm waiting for my flight, at 9:40