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Michael Polanyi & Tacit Knowledge. We can know more than we can tell. Consider The Tacit Dimension by The Tacit Knowledge and Intuition Website has title=”When Polanyi talks of tacit knowledge, he is more often referring to a subconscious process than a set of things we know or could know subconsciously. In his words, ''Knowledge is an activity that would be better described as a process of knowing.''”>Polanyi's concept of tacit knowing. Karl Erik Sveiby also has an interesting page in Tacit Knowledge and provides you the opportunity to Test Your Tacit Knowledge. Tacit knowledge and
Implicit learning
provides yet another view. I don't pretend to understand much of this and yet I feel the concept has merit–ah, as Wittgenstein observed, Of that of which we can not speak, we must be silent.
If you know what I mean… *rolls eyes* [MetaFilter]


Tacit Knowledge is a key concept for most user oriented processes, john seely brown has a nice page on it….